About Us

We are a team of HR Consultants, dedicated to build the best HR software. As this task can be a challenge, we are backed by a team of expert software engineers. Our vision is to develop the best HR Software that meets all your HR needs.

We Mix the Latest Technology with the latest People Research

We have an extensive experience in HR and Management Consulting. Our know-how and experience helps us to develop easy to use solutions that generate maximum impact.

Technology is here to make things easier for you as an HR professional, a people manager, a business manager and for you as an employee. Leverage the power of technology and facilitate a culture of feedback and data driven decisions.

Know it.

Survey & Feedback Platform.

Fix it.

HR consultants to guide you.

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Why Choose Us

Easy to use software. Great features. Knowledgeable account managers.
Good value for money. New valuable features are constantly added.

Survey Platform

Easily create surveys with advanced logic depending on employee demographic and responses.

360 degrees

Run 360 degrees evaluations and understand your people key competencies areas for development.


Automate feedback collection surveys like: onboarding, probation evaluations, exit surveys.

HRIS function

Our platform has the capability to act as an HR Data Warehouse for your employee data.

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