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Employee surveys & Feedback Tool.

Easily create and run any type of survey: pulse, engagement, satisfaction, culture, compensation, 360 degree surveys etc.

Automate processes like onboarding surveys, probation surveys, exit interviews and other cyclical surveys in just a few clicks.

Our platform offers effortless feedback collection.
Our consultants design tailored solutions to accelerate employee and company performance.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw

Don’t make This Mistake. Collect employee feedback today!

Employee Surveys & Feedback Tool

Easily create and run surveys. You have all the important features to collect feedback in a smart way: multiple question types, advanced demographic and response logic, real time reporting, anonymous answers, 360 degrees evaluations, complete on behalf, data exports, personalized branding.

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Run surveys and capture the whole employee lifecycle. Run surveys like: engagement or satisfaction, compensation, onboarding, probation, exit, etc.

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360o evaluation

Evaluate the level of core competencies by gathering 360 degree feedback on employee performance from different groups.

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Automate feedback processes by setting up triggers that automatically send surveys based on different attributes. You now have the opportunity to automate onboarding surveys, exit surveys, probation evaluations, etc.

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Easy to use Software & HR advisory

Our extensive HR & Management Advisory experience combined with expert software engineers generated an intuitive, simple and impactful survey and feedback platform.

We go beyond offering just technical guidance. We offer access to highly skilled consultants able to generate complex solutions designed to fix your problems.

Know it with our platform. Fix it with our HR Consultants.

Razvan Radu

Founder, EmployeeVibe

our main features

All the core features that you need when in need to collect feedback from your employees.
A platform able to automate surveys with security features implemented by design.

Cloud Based Solution

High speed & quick deployment, efficient and cost effective, constant security updates, scalability and GDPR compliant.

Top Security

Containerized components, encrypted data, single sign-on, two step authentication, audit logs, data back-ups, role based access.


Custom questions, scales, surveys, competencies, 360 evaluations, reports, logic, custom access link and personalized branding.

reviews and Use cases

It’s very important to understand what our clients say about us and how they use the platform.

HR Manager

“Having the ability to collect feedback from our employees whenever we need it is crucial to our business. We constantly measure our progress by collecting feedback on different subjects like projects, leadership, events, training needs, etc. Moreover, we constantly make 360 degrees on different competencies to understand the impact of our development programmes. Results are important but how those results are achieved is as important. ”

“Our industry has high turnover rates. We used EmployeeVibe to implement an automated process to collect feedback during the onboarding process. So, we managed to reduce early turnover. Also, we automated the probation evaluation, which also stands as a development plan for our new employees. It’s easy and brings huge value.”

HRBP – Shared Serviced Centre

“Our HR team has live interviews with our employees at key moments in their lifecycle (after 30 days from hire, stay-in interviews, exit interviews, etc). We use the platform to centralize responses for key subjects. This way we can constantly analyse data understand progress on different projects and prioritize future projects.”

HR Manager – Retail

“We are a small team of around 60 employees. For us EmployeeVibe is a key platform as we have all our employee data stored here. It is also key, as the 360 evaluations are part of our agile culture. We measure progress on the development path for competencies in key moments of the development programme.”

HR Manager– IT Company

Build a feedback culture

Build a more effective and fulfilment culture for your employees.
Understand the impact of people practices, the impact people have on each others and the extent to which goals are achieved in working relationships.

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